Arrival Procedures During Phase 2

It is GHC's expectation that members follow all guidelines and by-laws put in place by the facility and/or local government in relation to COVID-19, including spectator restrictions, physical distancing, proper hand hygiene practices and face coverings. Not respecting facility and governmental protocols and procedures jeopardizes our safety, the safety of others and the entire Hockey Calgary program.

Read GHC Health & Safety Guidelines and league Return to Hockey documents on our Return to Play page.

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Arrive at the appropriate time with your player dressed in her gear.

Follow directional traffic flow markings and signage for entry and exit and while inside the facility.

Wear face coverings as mandated by the City of Calgary Bylaw.

Adhere to maximum amount of people in dressing rooms and follow spacing markers for physical distancing. Some participants will have to utilize the hallway to put skates on.

Do no congregate in public spaces and exit the facility immediately following the ice time.

Where spectators are permitted, keep out of participant spaces (e.g. dressing rooms, play surfaces) unless necessary for equipment support.

Ensure your player has cleared AHS Daily Health Screening before every hockey activity.

Facility Protocols

It is the responsibility of the user (i.e. players, coaches and parents) to check the most currently listed Covid-19 protocols before arriving at a facility.

Hockey Calgary will do their best to keep this information current, encourages participants to check the individual facility website, where possible, to ensure no changes have been made.

Not respecting facility and provincial health guidelines jeopardizes our safety, the safety of others and the entire Hockey Calgary program.

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Checklist to Success!

  • Review "Return to Play" Guidelines for Hockey Activities
  • Follow Protocols within the Facility
  • Communicate Responsibilities with Parents and Players
  • Plan and be Flexible to Change!



Safety is our first priority, and will be a shared responsibility among all members. We are committed to ensuring that all members can return to the game in a safe manner as we continue to deal with COVID-19.