Thank you to all who attended the AGM for Girls Hockey Calgary Association (GHC) on Monday, May 27, 2019.

Our association relies on the support and dedication of our members, so we greatly appreciate your attendance. Below are some of the highlights from the meeting.


The following members were acclaimed into new positions, entering their first year of a two-year term:

  • John MacDonald, President
  • Jacqui Piebiak, VP Marketing and Corporate Secretary

The following members remain in their current positions, entering their second year of a two-year term:

  • Ted Oloriz, VP Operations
  • Spryng Kubicek, Director of Elite
  • Samantha Holmes-Domagala, Director of Coaching (Timbits, Novice, Atom)
  • Darrin McCallum, Director of Coaching (PeeWee, Bantam, Midget)
  • Brett Turner, Director of Operations
  • Holly Gibney, Director of Marketing

The following members were acclaimed to their current Board positions, entering their first year of a two-year term:

  • Kathleen Dengler, VP Administration and Treasurer
  • Jason Higgins, VP Community
  • Grant Borbridge, Director of Elite
  • Tanya Mitenko, Director of Community (Timbits, Novice, Atom)

The following members were newly acclaimed to the Board, entering their first year of a two-year term:

  • Dale Risling, Director of Elite
  • Shannon Cleary, Director of Communications

The following members are retiring from the Board:

  • Jody Forbes, President
  • Jamie Martin, VP Elite
  • Stephanie Mesher, Director of Communications

Thank you for Jody, Jamie and Stephanie for your tireless dedication to GHC.


Please find attached the presentation by outgoing President Jody Forbes and incoming President John MacDonald.


Please find attached the Financial Statements of Girls Hockey Calgary Association (GHC) including the Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Operations and Statement of Changes in Net Assets.


Please find attached a summary of the survey results from February 2019 on the GHC All Female Divisions (AFD) within Hockey Calgary Pilot.