• GHC Registration Opens: July 1, 2020
  • U18 AA/AAA Prep Camp: August 15-20, 2020 (Great Plains Arena)
  • U15 AA Prep Camp: August 22-27, 2020 (Great Plains Arena)
  • U18 AA/AAA Tryouts: August 22-30, 2020 (Great Plains Arena)
  • U15 AA Tryouts: August 28-September 3, 2020 (Great Plains Arena)

**Girls Hockey Calgary has tentatively scheduled our critical ice times for the upcoming season, notwithstanding any changes or delays that may result from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and various provincial restrictions. At this time, the Association is unable to provide final confirmation of these dates. Dates will be confirmed when the Hockey Canada Board of Directors, in conjunction with public health officials, deems it safe to resume sanctioned activities. In the mean tie, o
ur planning continues at full speed as we wait for further directives. Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.**


U18 AAA/AA Prep Camp
August 15-20, 2020
Great Plains Arena

U15 AA Prep Camp
August 22-27, 2020
Great Plains Arena

Calgary Fire AAA/AA Prep Camps are not a tryout camp.

  • Our AAA/AA Prep Camps primarily consist of skill and conditioning / compete sessions. The U18 camp will be run by Global Sports Academy and the U15 camp will be a combination of Global Sports Academy and the coaches.
  • Athletes will not be graded or judged on this Prep Camp.
  • AAA/AA Prep Camps are not mandatory for those athletes intending to try out for our GHC AAA/AA Program.

Registration opens July 1, 2020. To register for an AAA/AA Prep Camp, please select the camp and tryout package at the time of registration. More information can be found on our Registration page.

Photo: Dave Holland
Photo: Dave Holland
Photo: Dave Holland


U18 AAA/AA Try-Outs
August 22-30, 2020
Great Plains Arena

U15 AA Try-Outs
August 28-Sept 3, 2020
Great Plains Arena

As per the Female Hockey Alberta Development Model (ADM), there are no established Draw Zones or Recruitment Areas for teams categorized as “AAA." U15 players wishing to try-out for the Calgary Fire must reside within the current boundaries of Hockey Calgary (Zone 9).

Tryouts for the GHC Calgary Fire Elite Female Hockey Program consist of three selection phases:

  1. Initial Draft
  2. Secondary Releases
  3. Final Releases

Each player will receive a minimum of two (2) ice times. If a player is "released" from the Calgary Fire AAA/AA selection process, this does not mean the player is released from GHC.

  • If a player is released from the Calgary Fire U18 AAA team and they have requested a second tryout with another U18 AAA team, she may move on to this second tryout.
  • If a player has not requested a second try out for another U18 AAA team, she may or may not be “drafted” to further tryout for the GHC U18 AA tryout.
  • Once players are released from the U18 AA or U15 AA teams, they move on to the Community Evaluations for their respective age groups.

To tryout for our Calgary Fire AAA/AA Female Hockey Program, please select the registration and try-out package at the time of registration (July 2020). More information can be found on our Registration page.




Payment Schedule Options

  1. Full payment at time of registration.
  2. Instalment Payments
  3. Financial Assistance

Please note:
- Applicable fee increase will apply to payments received after July 31, 2020.
- For payments made in cash / cheque, please select "offline payment" at the time of registration.
- All cheques are to be made payable to Girls Hockey Calgary Association.

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Cheque
  • Cash

Instalment Payments

GHC will offer an instalment option at the time of registration. More details to come.

Financial Assistance

Withdrawal & Refunds

As per Hockey Calgary regulations, players requesting release to another Hockey Association in Calgary for the 2020-21 season must do so before September 1, 2020.

A $100 administration fee will be charged for all player withdrawals. For information on or to request withdrawals and refunds, please view our Player Withdrawal / Refund Request Form.

Please note:
GHC does not provide refunds on the U15 AA or U18 AA/AAA prep and tryout camps any later than 7 days prior to the start dates of each camp. If the request to withdraw from a prep or tryout camp is received more than 7 days prior to the start date, refunds will be subject to a $50 administration fee.

Returned and NSF Payments

  • Returned payments on automated instalments, cheques that are not accepted by the financial institutions due to Non Sufficient Funds (NSF), and/or stop-payments are subject to an administrative fee.
  • The administrative fee and the value of the unfulfilled payment will be added to the GHC members’ account and they will be considered “Not in good standing” until the payment is received.
  • GHC reserves the right not to release a member “Not in good standing” for future registration with GHC or any other Hockey Canada member association.


Players must register with GHC to attend AAA/AA prep camps and try-out camps.

Players who are successfully drafted to our Calgary Fire AAA/AA Program pay additional program fees. These fees cover the increased ice rental, transportation, development, trainers, team official and administrative costs.

Registration fees already paid will be credited towards the AAA/AA Program Fees. Players are required to pay the balance once drafted. Please visit our Registration page for our current fees.