Photo: Dave Holland
Photo: Dave Holland

The Manager's role.

The Manager is an integral part of a successful team.

The purpose of this role is to ensure the smooth operation of the team and allow the coaches to concentrate on the on-ice activities.

The team manager answers to the Head Coach and acts as a liaison between the Head Coach and parents, allocates volunteer responsibilities, and communicates association news and policies to the teams.

Use the Team Manager Handbook as a resource.

Read and understand association policies.

Attend Team Managers Meeting on October 5, 2022. 

Meet with Head Coach to discuss division of duties and to set expectations for a successful season.

Select and assign Team Volunteers for your team.

Financial Resources

Team Treasurer Handbook

Each team is responsible for its own financial operations. All teams are required to have a Team Treasurer, whose duties will be outlined in the Financial Guidelines. The team treasurer will be responsible for maintaining a team bank account and budget. This person should have at minimum a basic understanding of accounting.

Team Budget Template

A budget will include cash calls, fundraising, donations and sponsorship. Expenses typically include tournament entry fees, team-building, player development, practice jerseys, exhibition games and bank fees. The treasurer should keep all the receipts until the season has concluded.

Officiating Rates

For exhibition and home tournament games, the team manager or treasurer is responsible to ensure that officials are paid cash prior to going on ice. Officials will only accept cash.


All issues concerning the operation of a team shall be communicated using the following process. The purpose of this process is to establish a standard approach to communication so GHC members can resolve difficulties or misunderstandings in a timely and transparent manner.

At no time should a GHC parent or player contact a member of Hockey Calgary, Hockey Alberta or the Central Zone Referee Committee for a resolution to a team issue. This is in accordance with the communication policies for these governing organizations.

If a GHC member wishes to report an incident to the GHC Board, it must be done so in a formal manner in accordance with GHC's Conflict Resolution Policy. The complaint must be signed and in writing, and must be filed within fourteen (14) days of the incident. Anonymous or third party complaints will not be accepted.


Parent and/or Player

In issues that provoke an emotional response and/or risk of hostile confrontation, please honour the 24-Hour Rule. This is an effective way to validate the facts and collect your thoughts.



Parents must first work on a resolution with the Team Manager and Head Coach. If necessary, arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss the issue. The goal of this meeting is to solve the problem.



If the issue cannot be resolved, please consult your Age Group Coordinator. AGC will consult with the appropriate Board member(s) and GHC Policies to work towards a satisfactory conclusion.