Upcoming Changes to the GHC Competition Model

All Girls Hockey Calgary teams will play under the female stream
for the 2023-24 season

GHC moved our teams from the Rocky Mountain Female Hockey League
(RMFHL) to Hockey Calgary with a vision to bring the female game back to
Calgary. We left RMFHL’s all-female league to increase our visibility,
increase our access to ice, improve travel time and scheduling consistency,
and most importantly, to build a foundation for female hockey here at

There was no established female stream in Hockey Calgary at that time. As
a steppingstone, GHC teams competed in newly-created female divisions in
Hockey Calgary’s Community Stream and in co-ed divisions against coed/male teams.
Our competition structure evolved year to year based on
registration numbers, GHC team performance, and the pathways of GHC
players. As we grew from around 500 players to more than 1100, Hockey
Calgary and GHC have proudly expanded our female divisions year after

You have all had a part in this journey. By supporting your daughter in a
female-focused association, you have helped develop the appropriate
supports that accommodate her needs, personality, and goals. Thank you
for being your daughter’s cheerleader and advocate. It is only through
passion and dedication that positive changes are made.

We have now reached the point where what we set out to build — a firstrate home for
female hockey in Calgary — is available before us. A successful Female Competition
Model is the next step in our duty to our
athletes and the greater female hockey
. GHC has been a leader among female hockey associations and advocates in
Alberta and Western Canada, and paving this new path for others to pursue is the right

The future is bright for female hockey players in Calgary. This particular
progression of our program (and our mindset) will be a challenge for us all,
but one that we believe will ultimately empower our players to get the best
possible experience in their sport and beyond.

Letters of Support to Members: