Hello Jr. Inferno Hockey Parents!

We hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and welcome you to a great season of hockey ahead. Soon you will receive Evaluation Letters for each Age Group that will outline the evaluations process and provide information about team placement for the 2019/20 season. Letters will be sent this week, so keep an eye on your inbox!


Our intention is to ensure that all players are placed on the appropriate team to allow for maximum skill development and maximum enjoyment. We want every player to have the opportunity to contribute to her team both on and off the ice resulting in a positive hockey experience.


Evaluation Letters will outline the total numbers of registrants for your daughter’s age group, as well as the projected breakdown of divisions.

Please note: Numbers are subject to change as registration is open until the start of camp.


Groupings for the first ice session (EVAL #1) will be available on our Evaluations page.

Our Timbits age division will have two team formation sessions of on-ice stations and games.

The initial ice times for Novice to Midget will be skill testing and time trials, administered by a third-party service. The remaining four sessions will be game-style evaluations to determine the best placement for players.

GHC uses Hockey Canada Skill Testing stations during the first day of evaluations. See all GHC Evaluation Skill Stations here.

To place players efficiently and effectively, it is important that they are sorted into like-groups as soon as possible to pinpoint the most suitable ice session for each player.


Players will move up or down if they are OUTLIERS in their group after the initial split based on time trial scores.

Players ranked at the top of their group will be moved up a group. Players ranked at the bottom of their group will be moved down a group.
If a player moves up, she will be competing at a higher level and will have the opportunity to stay in this group.
If a player moves down, she will have the opportunity to show off her skills in a lower level and possibly be moved back up.

The number of players moving up and down will vary, as it will be based on the number of outliers. This decision is solely dependent on numerical scores.


GHC has hired a third-party service to conduct a large portion of our evaluations. The company supplies evaluators with strong hockey backgrounds through playing and coaching at post-secondary, junior and various professional levels along with years of other involvement in the sport. We also have reinstated GHC coach evaluators. Coaches will not be allowed to evaluate their own daughter’s age group. This will be strictly enforced and monitored.


Approximately ten evaluators will attend each ice session. They will assign each player a score from 1-7 in a variety of areas. Please note: We will not discuss individual player scores.

Evaluators will be given the following reference notes:


Skating – speed, quickness, technique
– Forward and Backward
– Turn in both directions
– Stop both directions
– Are they in a good position for stability and strength

Puck Control – technique, open ice, confined space
– Open carry with speed
– Execute dekes and fakes on the 1 on 1
– Ability to handle the puck in traffic and tight spaces
– Ability to maintain control while being checked

Passing – technique, control, vision
– Forehand and Backhand
– To moving and stationary target
– Vision – do they take a look and select best option?

Shooting – technique, accuracy, velocity
– Forehand and backhand
– Wrist shot
– Accuracy
– Shot Selection – do they select the best shot for the opportunity?

Compete – gamer, hard work
– Work ethic
– Desire to succeed and win
– Great Teammate/Leadership qualities
– Body Language

Hockey Intelligence
– Player understands positional play
– Player supports the puck on the defensive and offensive side of puck
– Player communicates with teammates
– Player is able to read and react

We hope this helps to clarify the methodology and rationale surrounding this season’s evaluations, as well as answer any questions you may have had. We will meet with the girls in the dressing room prior to the first skate to welcome them, settle them down and explain the session plan along with what the evaluators are looking for. Please ask your player to have her equipment on 10 minutes before the start time.

Should you have any further questions, myself or an evaluations coordinator will be available at the rink to discuss.

Best Regards,

Ted Oloriz
VP of Hockey Operations