Hockey Calgary has provided a statement to members surrounding an incident on October 26, 2020 involving a Hockey Calgary team. This situation should serve as a reminder to Hockey Calgary players that these types of behaviours will not be tolerated and to further educate ourselves on appropriate and safe behaviour.

Please read Hockey Calgary’s statement here: Hockey Calgary Dressing Room Incident Response

GHC Dressing Room Policy Reminders

GHC’s dressing room policies are in place to balance the safety, privacy and dignity of our players without compromising the aspects of camaraderie, social integration and bonding inherent in a team sport. GHC must meet, at minimum, the dressing room policies of our governing bodies. As these policies often regulate the boundaries of the “lesser represented gender” (on a co-ed hockey team, this is typically a female), GHC has enacted specific policies that address our all-female teams.


There must be a female supervisor at all times, including during “Coach Talk.” The purpose of this role is to:

  • Support the players in maintaining a safe, respectful and inclusive dressing room atmosphere.
  • Support the players in remaining on time for any pre-game expectations (dry-land warm-up, dressed for coach talk, etc).
  • Support the players in any equipment needs or other issues.
  • Monitor and enforce the Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy (GHC Policy Manual, Section 18).
  • Monitor and enforce the Dressing Room Policy (GHC Policy Manual, Section 26), which includes the use of cell phones (see below).
  • Report any issues to the Team Manager.

*Additional new responsibilities due to COVID-19 include:

  • Manage occupant capacity of change rooms.
  • Manage physical distancing on the bench / hallway while preparing to take the ice.
  • Avoid contact with players to the extent that is possible. Female Dressing Room Supervisors may assist with applying helmet stickers and/or tying skates.
  • Ensure players have labelled their water bottle.
  • Ensure players do not share water bottles, equipment, towels or other personal items.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes should be available as players enter and leave.
  • Limit the number of times players enter and exit dressing rooms, as this avoids contact with the door handles.
  • When it is time for players to remove their mask, remind players to:
    • Always wash hands before they put it on and after they take it off.
    • Try their best not to touch the front of their mask or eyes, mouth or nose.
    • Remove mask by ear pieces and place it on a clean surface or in a container.
    • Not share their face covering with anyone else.
  • Have participants put on their shoes or skate guards so that they can leave quickly.
  • Remain in the dressing room at all times whenever there are players present.
  • Ensure adjoining bathrooms and/or showers are empty and safe for use if needed.
  • For U13, U15 and U18 age divisions, ensure no males enter the dressing room.
  • Ensure no cell phones, tablets or cameras are used in the dressing room. Absolutely no photos, video or voice recording, may be taken inside a dressing room.
  • Report any infractions or issues to the Age Group Coordinator.
  • Bring any health and safety concerns to the Safety Coordinators.


For U11, U13, U15 and U18 age divisions, no males are permitted in the dressing room outside of “Coach Talk” times. “Coach Talk” routines at practices and games should be clearly articulated to the teams and no more than 15 minutes prior to ice time. Players arriving late for a game must not undress during Pre-Game “Coach Talk” and must wait until the coaches leave the room. Players must not remove equipment (with the exception of Helmet and Gloves) during the Post-Game “Coach Talk.” Players arriving late must not undress during Pre-Game “Coach Talk” and must wait until the coaches leave the room.


The use of cameras, video equipment, audio equipment, camera phones and other cellular phones is strictly prohibited in the team dressing rooms at any time. (This is often a rule for recreation facilities, who also prohibit the use of any electronic device, such as a cell phone, with the ability to take photos or record audio or video, in or around any dressing room, washroom or shower.)

Teams may have music in the dressing room. Use of a cell phone is permitted for this purpose ONLY, and its use must be clearly articulated to the team and monitored by the Female Dressing Room Supervisor.

In the case of special events (e.g., championships, etc), where no other location can be found for a photo, cell phones may be permitted in the dressing room for this purpose ONLY and all players must be appropriately dressed.


GHC has a zero-tolerance policy regarding bullying/harassment. Please read our Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy for resources.


Comments or remarks of an inappropriate nature, which are detrimental to a team, the Association or an individual, will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action.