Hockey Calgary Return to Hockey Survey Summary (January 29, 2021):

Thank you to all GHC and Hockey Calgary families who completed the survey. View results:

A Message from Kevin Kobelka, Executive Director, Hockey Calgary (January 20, 2021):

Please see attached memo with a link to a brief survey regarding return to play for Hockey Calgary families.  We are still waiting for decisions and direction from the Alberta government on the potential opening of facilities and youth sport.  To date we have not been provided any information on if and when we could restart, but we remain hopeful.

In the interim we felt it was best to do our due diligence and survey the membership regarding the possibility of a return.  We respectfully ask that you send this memo to each of your families to fill out and get back to us: MEMO TO FAMILIES  – RETURN TO PLAY (JANUARY 20, 2021)

Thank you in advance for your support.

Kevin Kobelka
Executive Director
Hockey Calgary