Dear GHC Members,

Amendments to the current GHC Bylaws will be presented to Members for approval at a Special General Meeting on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 @ 7:00 pm (Virtual). Here are a few FAQs to explain the process!

What are Bylaws?

  • Bylaws clarify the Association’s objectives, membership, election processes, governance structure and other key aspects of how it operates. (Bylaws are not the same as Policies and Procedures, which are updated and approved annually by the Board of Directors.)

Why are we proposing to amend GHC’s Bylaws?

  • It is judicious practice for organizations to review their governing documents on a consistent basis. GHC’s Bylaws have not been amended since May 27, 2010, and require some updating. A Summary of the Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws was sent to members on April 20, 2022, which summarizes the proposed changes and provides rationale. (The summary is not the Bylaws).

How do I review the proposed amendments?

How do we accept or reject the proposed amendments to our Bylaws?

  • Any alterations or additions to the Bylaws must be approved by a Special Resolution at any Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting held for that purpose.
  • Approval of a Special Resolution requires a vote of not less than 3/4 of those Members present at the Special Meeting who are eligible and entitled to vote.
  • Quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Members is a minimum of 15 eligible voting Members present.
  • Only the matter set out in the notice for the Special General Meeting are considered at the Special General Meeting:
  • If quorum is met, GHC Members present and eligible to vote will vote to “accept” or “reject” the Special Resolution.
  • No further changes to the Bylaws and/or other business of the Association can be considered at this meeting.
  • GHC Members are entitled to one vote per registered player. (For more details on the responsibilities and privileges of GHC Members, refer to the current Bylaws.)

How do I attend the Special General Meeting on May 11, 2022?

Why are we voting on these proposed amendments at a Special General Meeting and not at the 2022 AGM?

  • The most significant change presented in the proposed amendments is to change the required date for our AGM. This change is being proposed in order to allow more time to receive Audited Financial Statements for the Association, which must be presented to Members at the AGM. If the Special Resolution is accepted, the date of the 2022 AGM will shift from May to June. If the Special Resolution is rejected, no changes will take place.

Why is GHC proposing to update the use of masculine and feminine pronouns in the Bylaws to include gender-neutral pronouns?

  • Masculine and feminine pronouns are used throughout the current Bylaws in reference to all Members, Directors, Officers, etc. Updating masculine and feminine pronouns to include persons of all genders and gender-identities creates a more inclusive document. It does not alter the Objectives of the Association, which include:
    • To provide female hockey players in the Calgary Region an opportunity to play on all-female teams and where numbers permit in all-female divisions.
    • To provide a female hockey program, meeting the needs and interests, of all players.

I have specific questions about the proposed amendments. Who do I contact?

Please send a note to and someone will address your questions!