Thank you for agreeing to be the Team Manager for your daughter’s team!

The Team Manager is an integral part of a successful team. The purpose of this role is to ensure the smooth operation of the team and allow the coaches to concentrate on the on-ice activities. The team manager answers to the Head Coach and acts as a liaison between the Head Coach and parents, allocates and tracks volunteer responsibilities, and communicates association news and policies to the team.

All Team Managers are required to attend the Team Managers Meeting on Wednesday, October 2, 2019 @ 7:00 pm (ECTAS Boardroom). In the meantime, here are a few important details for Team Managers:

Important Dates & Deadlines

Team Manager’s MeetingWednesday, October 2 @ 7:00 pm (ECTAS)
Team Treasurer’s Meeting — Friday, October 4 @ 7:00 pm (Great Plains Recreation Facility)
Sock Order Form Due — October 11, 2019
Calgary Fire AAA Home Opener — Saturday, October 12 @ 6:15 pm (Father David Bauer Arena)
Team Photo Day — Sunday, October 20, 2019 (Shepard Community Hall)
Volunteer Bond & Jersey Deposit Cheques & Player Medical Form Due — October 31, 2019 (GHC Office)
Approved Team Budget Due — November 15, 2019
Team Official Certifications Due — November 15, 2019

*These items will be discussed at the Team Manager’s Meeting

Establishing Your Team

Team Managers should discuss the division of duties and expectations with the Head Coach to ensure a successful season. Communication is key! You should also set a date and time for the Parent Meeting and discuss equipment / jersey pick-up if this has not already been done.Establishing Your Team

The Team Treasurer and second signatory (Team Manager or another parent) should be in place before the Team Treasurer Meeting on Friday, October 4, 2019. Team Treasurers should ideally have a background in or basic understanding of accounting.

You will soon receive manager access for your team’s TeamSnap account. Once you have a TeamSnap Coordinator, please invite this person to your roster as a non-player with manager access, and provide them with the TeamSnap Coordinator Letter. This letter is also available on the Volunteer page under the TeamSnap Coordinator position description.

There are many off-ice responsibilities during a minor hockey season. Managers are encouraged to delegate as much as possible! Recruit parents for any vacant volunteer roles at the Parent Meeting. To review GHC’s Volunteer Policy and position descriptions, visit our Volunteer page.

Parent Meeting

Head Coaches will chair this meeting, using the GHC Parent Meeting Agenda as a guide. This meeting is mandatory for at least one parent of every player to attend. Attendance should be recorded in team meeting minutes.

Team Banking & Budget

GHC provides team bank accounts for team finances, tournaments and provincials. Each team bank account will have two (2) signatories: Team Treasurer, who ideally should have a background in or basic knowledge of accounting, and a second parent. This is commonly the Team Manager but can be another parent.

The two signatories are required to sign a financial policy acknowledgment letter (provided at Team Treasurer Meeting). Once this is signed, Team Treasurers will be given access to the team bank account. Bank cards and cheques will be available at the GHC office for pick-up.

Team Budgets should be completed by the Team Treasurer as soon as possible and emailed to the team for approval. 75% approval is required from the parent group. (It is highly recommended you use Survey Monkey or similar services to collect and record this information from parents.) Your approved Team Budget should be submitted to GHC by November 15,, 2019.


It is highly recommended that you or your Tournament Coordinator apply for tournaments as soon as possible. Both local and out-of-town tournaments fill quickly. Listings of tournaments can be found on the Hockey Calgary and Hockey Alberta website. You can also visit our Tournament page for more information, or to advertise any parent-run GHC tournaments.

Resources & Accounts

You will be authorized as “Team Manager” for the following accounts:

  • TeamSnap Account (Added by GHC Registrar)
  • Hockey Calgary User Account
  • Bank Account (If you are the second signing authority)

Volunteer Bond Cheques, Jersey Deposit Cheques & Player Medical Forms

Team Managers must collect and submit the following items to the GHC Office by October 31, 2019. Please submit as one complete package, labeled with GHC Team Name:

  • Volunteer Bond cheque in the amount of $300 payable to Girls Hockey Calgary, dated December 31, 2019
  • Jersey Deposit cheque in the amount of $200 payable to Girls Hockey Calgary, dated December 31, 2019

Parents must complete and submit a Player Medical Forms to Team Managers by October 31, 2019. Any medical needs or allergies should be noted and these forms should be kept on hand at all practices and games.

Coach Requirements & Police Information Check

FYI, Hockey Canada requires all coaching staff to complete Respect in Sport for Hockey Canada Activity Leaders before they can be added to the official Hockey Canada Registry. If coaches (Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches) do not have an up-to-date RIS for Hockey Canada Activity Leaders course, they must complete this ASAP.

Hockey Alberta requires all coaches to obtain a Police Information Check and meet Hockey Alberta’s Coaching Requirements. The GHC Hockey Admin Manager will be in touch regarding this process. This must be completed prior to November 15.

Team Jerseys, Socks & Apparel

Teams are provided with two full sets of home and away jerseys (with the exception of Timbits teams, who receive one set of jerseys); two sets of goalie equipment for Novice; pucks and coaching equipment; and First Aid Kit.

Teams must order one set of game socks (red, performance material) through the GHC Office. A sock order form will be provided to Team Managers and must be returned with payment ($13.99 per pair) before October 11, 2019. Team socks will be available for pick-up at the GHC Office the following week.

If you would like to order a second set of game socks (white, performance material) you can do so directly through the supplier. This order form will also be provided.

Timbits teams receive free socks (knit material) through our Tim Hortons sponsorship. Timbits teams may order additional game socks (red, performance material) using the sock order form, however this is not required.

There will be two ways for GHC membership to order Calgary Fire and Jr. Inferno apparel this year. Individual (fanwear) orders can be submitted via the Player’s Bench online store, opening soon.

Team orders (12+ items) must be submitted using the process outlined in the Player’s Bench Team Catalogue. Links will be available soon on our Apparel page.

New for 2019/20 (And A Few Reminders!)

  • Our website! We have worked diligently on updating our website. If there are resources that you would like to add, or if you encounter any issues / broken links, please email
  • Basic schedule details are available on the GHC website. Full schedule details will be available via your TeamSnap account. You can also find league schedules and standings on your Hockey Calgary division page.
  • Team Treasurer Meeting & Acknowledgement Letter. We have updated the language of our Team Treasurer Guidelines to better support our Team Treasurers. We have also added a Team Treasurer Meeting to clearly explain these guidelines. We will also require all signatories to sign a financial policy acknowledgment letter before gaining access to a team bank account.
  • Team Bank Accounts & Budgets (Reminder). As a registered Canadian amateur athletic association, GHC is required to meet specific accounting standards. Failure to do so jeopardizes our status with our governing bodies, and can put our Team Treasures, signatories and membership at risk. Therefore, no personal bank accounts and E-Transfers are permitted for use of team funds.
  • Dressing Room Etiquette (Reminder). The use of cameras, cell phones, or any type of recording device be strictly prohibited in dressing rooms, including coaches, parents, players, and visitors. This is often a facility rule as well as a common minor hockey association rule. Team officials are responsible for enforcing this rule and shall bring any issues to the attention of their Age Group Coordinator.

 If you have any questions, please contact your Age Group Coordinator.

 Warm regards,

 Girls Hockey Calgary Association (GHC)