Dear GHC Parents and Players,

As we begin our Evaluation / Sorting phase for the 2020-21 minor hockey season, we want to remind everyone of our shared responsibilities in making this process advance as safely as possible. Evaluations create a little bit of anxiety in a normal year and as we all know this is not a normal year.

In previous communications, GHC has advised that spectators will not be permitted in the arena during evaluations and try-outs. One (1) parent of U7 to U11 players may enter the facility to assist with skate tying, but must exit the facility immediately after. If your child has a serious medical condition that requires monitoring, please inform your Age Group Coordinator as soon as possible. Volunteers will have access to players’ emergency contact information at each ice session, and we will have Female Dressing Room Supervisors who will guide your daughters on and off the ice.

This new requirement is obviously a departure from our norm and is necessary due to the following:

  • Many of the arenas we will use for evaluation and sorting do not allow spectators.
  • Provincial guidance for sport, physical activity and recreation states that spectators should be kept out of participant spaces.
  • Arenas have asked user groups to limit participants and to spend as little time as possible in the facility so they can manage the difficult and necessary task of disinfecting high contact areas.
  • Many of the arenas we will use for evaluations and sorting have stated that spectator stands will not be disinfected and cleaned in between bookings.
  • The safety and tracking of our players and small army of evaluation volunteers is our priority. This will not be possible if we also have to worry about keeping spectators safe.
  • We are committed to getting through this process and into our cohorts as safely as possible.

We understand how difficult this new requirement will be for parents, and we take the added responsibility to get this right very seriously. Everyone involved in this process has a daughter (or daughters) in GHC and we love watching them play. From day one of our pandemic planning, GHC’s goal has been to set the example of what a safe return to hockey looks like. We all have a role to play in achieving that goal, and the actions we take now will influence whether Calgary’s rink lights stay on this season or go dark prematurely. Please do not be the parent whose actions effect this. GHC is full of remarkable people, and we know that each and every one of you will do your part in making sure that this season will be a success.

We look forward to seeing everyone outside the rink in the near future.


Stu Bridle
Director of Operations and Chief Safety Officer
Girls Hockey Calgary Association (GHC)

Jeff Walker
Health and Safety Officer
Girls Hockey Calgary Association (GHC)