With our season quickly approaching, we need all GHC families to sign up to volunteer during our Community Evaluation process! Please use the links below to pick up shifts during our busiest time of the year. We need everyone’s support to make this season a success!

Evaluation Volunteer Shifts (Non-Coaches)


If I volunteer during Evaluations, do I still have to volunteer on my player’s team?

Yes! All families MUST earn volunteer credit on their player’s team in addition to evaluation credits and/or other association roles. We have had significant feedback from coaches, managers and parents that too few families are helping out during the season. This places tremendous stress on team officials and is unsustainable given the size and activities of our organization. GHC’s updated Volunteer Policy requires all families fulfill both an Association Credit (for example, Evaluation shifts, coordinators, committees, special events) and a Team Credit. There are more than enough Team Credits in our new policy to allow all families to chip in.

Do my volunteer hours during Evaluations count towards my Association credit?

Yes! Any shift you take during evals is recorded and counts towards your required Association Credit(s).

I hope to coach this season. Am I required to volunteer during Evals as well?

Yes, we ask that all coaches candidates complete at least 10 evaluation hours as an Evaluator, On-Ice Lead, On-Ice Assistant, Bench Coach or Referee.* Links for these shits will come directly from the Director of Coaching. We ask this of coaches because we need qualified individuals in these roles, and because your contribution to this process is an important part of your minor hockey coach experience. Your cumulative hours during evaluations count towards your family’s required Association credits for the season.

*Some coaches will be asked to evaluate specific age divisions for consistency and accuracy. Coaches with appropriate credentials may be asked to officiate some evaluation scrimmages.

I’ve never volunteered during Evaluations before. What role can I fill?

There are several roles for you!

  • Check-In Desk: Check in players at the table in the lobby. Direct traffic in the lobby. Ensure players know what colour jersey they need to be wearing.
  • Female Dressing Room Supervisor: Supervise dressing room 30 mins before ice time and remain in room until last player leaves. Lock door and take keys during ice time. Remain in building if someone needs access. Remain in room following ice time until last player leaves.
  • Scorelock: Run time during games (no score, just buzzer for shift change!). Find Score Clock Instructions in Hockey Calgary’s Off-Ice Officials Manual.