Registration for 2024 Spring Skills Camp Opens January 23, 2024 @ 8am. 

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Spring Skills Camp



April 13 - June 15, 2024 (8 weeks)

North and South Locations

U7 - $350

U9 - $550

U11-U18 - $895

Space is limited, please reserve your spot early to avoid disappointment!

  • Open to all U7-U18 female athletes. Camp participants do not have to be registered in GHC to attend.
  • Full hockey equipment is required.
  • U11-U18 camps are open to both skaters and goalies.
  • All skill levels are welcome.* Our goal is to provide quality development opportunities for all ages and skill levels.

*Try Hockey Camps for U11/U13 (Fridays) and U15/U18 (Wednesdays) - April 10 - June 15, 2024 - $375.  For more information and to register for the Spring Try Hockey Camp please click here.

New for 2024 - Women's Try Hockey Camp - Fridays - April 10 - June 12, 2024 - $375.  For more information and to register please click here.

New for 2024 - U13/U15 Competitive Camp - Open to AA/A players - Fridays - April 10 - June 12, 2024 - $400. For more information and to register please click here.

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3x3 Jamboree


Girls Hockey Calgary's Spring Skills Camp focuses on individual skill development on and off the ice for female athletes born 2007 to 2019! On-ice sessions are run by experienced hockey coaches and will focus on individual skating, puck-handling, passing and shooting skills. Off-ice sessions are run by a variety of qualified coaches and are designed to build confidence, competence and physical literacy.

Camp Components

  • Short But High Quality Off-Ice Components
  • Brain on/Brain off Program Design
  • High Quality Feedback from On- and Off-Ice Coaches
  • High Repetition Environment
  • Culture-Creating Components
  • Facilitating Play and Competitive Environments

Schedule Overview (U9-U18)

  • Tuesday Evenings - Fitness and Skill Sessions - Rose Kohn* or Father David Bauer
  • Wednesday Evenings - Goalie Sessions - Rocky Ridge Arena
  • Thursday Evenings - Bi-weekly Intersquad Games - Rose Kohn or Father David Bauer
  • Friday Evenings - Bi-weekly Multisport - Optimist Dry Pad
  • Saturday, April 13th - Camp Kickoff- Shooting Clinic, Fitness Testing (U11-U18), Team Building - Father David Bauer
  • Wednesday, May 15 - Shoot-a-thon Charity Fundraiser - Score Hockey Range
  • Saturday, June 15 - 3x3 Jamboree & Wrap-Up - Father David Bauer/Norma Bush

* Due to limited arena availability, the following South sessions will be held at Father David Bauer - April 16, May 7, 14 & 28

What's Included (U9-U18)?

  • On-Ice Sessions (12)*
    • 8 skill sessions
    • 4 intersquad games
  • Off-Ice Sessions (12)
    • 8 fitness sessions
    • 4 multisport sessions
  • Shooting Clinics
  • Nutrition Session - Parents
  • Sport Psychology Session - Players (U11-U18)
  • 3x3 Jamboree 
  • Camp Hoodie & Jersey

*U9 On-Ice Sessions are Half-Ice

What's Included (U7)?

  • Half-Ice Sessions (13)
    • Rose Kohn* or Father David Bauer Arena
    • Tuesday Evenings - 5-6pm - Skill Sessions
    • Thursday Evenings - 5-6pm - Bi-weekly Intersquad Games
  • Camp Jersey

* Due to limited arena availability, the following South sessions will be held at Father David Bauer - April 16, May 7, 14 & 28

What Skills Will We Learn?

Hockey Skill Sessions

Sessions are designed to build skills consistently while maintaining a high level of engagement. Skills will change each week to maintain engagement but stay consistent enough to provide results over the period, with a focus on quality of repetitions versus a full session of repetitions. Each session will include core stick skills appropriate to the age group. Goalies will have position-specific instruction for portions of on-ice skill sessions with a qualified female goalie coach.

  • Skating - base
  • Stickhandling - base
  • Shooting - base
  • Skating - edgework
  • Stickhandling + skating
  • Shooting + skating
  • Core stick skills
    • Passing
    • Shooting
    • Stickhandling

Multi-Sport Sessions

The multi-sport curriculum will review fundamental concepts and movements, basic team tactics and sportsmanship in a variety of team sports: basketball, softball, rugby, soccer, and more! All multi-sport instructors are trained in their respective sports, offering athletes quality coaching focused on skill development, building character, and developing a passion for the game.

Fitness Sessions

Fitness sessions are designed to improve strength, speed, coordination, balance, and fundamental movement skills. Sessions introduce proper movement prep and cool-down techniques an emphasis will be placed on injury prevention.

What's Required?

  • Full Hockey Equipment
  • Dryland Clothing (Running shoes, shorts, water bottle, sun screen, etc.) - U9-U18 only

*Some sessions will be outdoors, please dress appropriately for the weather!

Why Multi-Sport?


  • 88 per cent of college athletes come from a multi-sport background. (American Medical Society for Sports Medicine)
  • For most sports, there is no evidence that intense training and specialization before age 13 or 14 are necessary to achieve elite status. (Sports Health Journal)
  • Diversified sports training during early and middle adolescence may be a more effective strategy in ultimately developing elite-level skills. (American Medical Society for Sports Medicine)

Reduce Burnout

  • Around 70 per cent of kids stop playing organized sports by the age of 13 because, “it’s just not fun anymore”. (Institute for the Study of Youth Sports at Michigan University)
  • Children who specialized early in a single sport led to higher rates of adult physical inactivity. Those who commit to one sport at a young age are often the first to quit. (Ohio State University study)
  • An athlete who specializes early or plays on an ultra-competitive select team is at increased risk of burnout or quitting sports as a result of chronic stress, repetitive strain and a decrease in intrinsic motivation and enjoyment during their training sessions. (American Medical Society for Sports Medicine)

Injury Prevention

  • Athletes who specialized were 70 to 93 per cent more likely to be injured than children who played multiple sports. (Study by Dr. Neeru Jayanthi of Loyola University, et al)
  • Intense and repeated training in one sport at a young age has been associated with higher rates of injury, which ultimately has an effect on the length of a sport career. (International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology)
  • Early sport specialization has been identified as damaging for the future physical and mental health of the athlete. (Consensus Statement American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine Early Sport)

Source: Hockey Calgary



Laura Dostaler

Program Director, Community Development
Girls Hockey Calgary Association (GHC)

Laura oversees program and player development for GHC's Jr. Inferno Community stream. Many of you know Laura from her professional playing career with the CWHL and most recently the PWHPA, as well as her development training with GHC players and coaches over the past two years. Her specialty is delivering high-quality, fun and engaging sessions to athletes at all skill levels.

Laura's Mission: “Provide an engaging and positive environment that accelerates development and learning habits while having fun and competing with friends and teammates."

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